Our Mission

Building the modern integration platform

Today, patients' health data is fragmented and difficult to access, which negatively affects the entire healthcare system. It leads to healthcare professionals being forced to work in multiple parallel systems, data not being standardized, and innovators being forced to spend valuable time building integrations and collecting health data,instead of on their innovations.
Leyr is developing an integration platform for a common application interface (API) to promote interoperability in healthcare. The platform introduces a new and scalable way to build integrations between different systems, ie between health apps, which collect health data, and medical record systems. The platform provides, maintains and monitors integrations for the customer and enables the sharing of health data between eligible parties in a standardized and secure manner.

Meet the founders

Helena HolmaCEO and Co-founder
Helena Holma is a medical doctor dedicated to enchancing healthcare through digitalization. Her career began with clinical work at one of the largest emergency departments in northern Europe, where she completed her residency in internal medicine. Helena joined a Swedish healthtech startup in 2018. In her various roles, including product management and regulatory compliance, she gained a deep understanding of healthtech.

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Anton LytvynovskyiCPTO and Co-founder
Anton Lytvynovskyi is a master in computer science, specializing in AI. He has first entered startup scene at the age of 21, and has since then been building a versatile business, product and technical profile. His core experience comes from finance and Open Banking, where Anton solved a similar problem of unified API integrations in a similar heavily regulated environment.

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Our team

A fully remote team on a mission to build the best integration platform for developers.
Helena Holma
CEO and Co-founder
Anton Lytvynovskyi
CPTO and Co-founder
Vikk Lindén
Head of Product Success
Sebastian Olenski
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Maksym Lytvynovskyi
UI/UX Designer
Oleksandr Piatkin
Full-Stack Developer

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