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Reduce development time through our integration platform. You write one piece of code and we provide connection to multiple EHRs at once.
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Here is some of the feedback we have received.
Engineering Manager
I managed to create a simple test app that talks to our TakeCare test environment - very easy and good docs. Very good dev experience - well done!
Jens Alm
CEO and Founder
This is impressive work, since I know personally how different our structures are from some of our competitors. Good work to hide that complexity away!
Anonymous Customer
CEO and Founder
You are so good, we don’t want our competitors to know about you!

Leyr's Approach

Current State

Inefficient one-to-one integrations

High development costs for every integration
Long time to market - repetitive integration with each EMR
Administrative hassle (managing separate EMRs)

Leyr's Approach

Unified one-to-many connection

Connect once - get access to all EMRs you need
Best developer experience with our open sandbox and documentation
Single point of contact, knowledge expertise

Connected EHRs

Explore the growing list of supported EHRs in our Sandbox.
Anita Systems by Anita Systems
Cosmic by Cambio
Epic by Epic
Millenium by Cerner
Prorenata by Prorenata
TakeCare by CGM
WebDoc by Carasent

Why choose Leyr?

We have a deep knowledge and experience of working with complex medical data, interoperability and high level of security. Integration through Leyr's API enables scalable and secure access to EMRs.


We take privacy seriously. Leyr is based on local cloud providers in countries where such requirements exist.

This makes us Cloud Act / Schrems II compatible and ensures you can safely operate with us in the most regulated markets.


Security is at Leyr's core. We are dealing with sensitive data and we do everything possible to protect it.

No personal information is stored or logged and we base our solution on modern security standards.

Data standards

HL7 FHIR, openEHR, ISO13606 and many more. Different standards are popular in different markets and we can handle them all. Our standard-agnostic architecture covers your medical use-cases in a scalable way.

Leyr also offers simplified data format as the best option on the market if you are “just” interested in plain medical data.

Developer experience

Developers, this one is for you! We know you are doing the heavy lifting with integrations, so as a part of our “truly open” philosophy, we'd like to help you with:
open developer portal and sandbox, which you can start exploring straight away. Integration process there matches our production environment - our goal is to make your “Go - Live” to a simple switch of configuration files
evolving documentation, both product (where we can better explain our “what”, “how” and “why”) and technical (where we guide you through our API integration process). We always look for your feedback and our documentation constantly improves to cover new questions
responsive support for the most difficult issues. We are happy to look into logs with you, check your integration and brainstorm your problems - just don't hesitate to let us know!

Meet our founders

Helena HolmaCEO and Co-founder

MD, specialist in internal medicine. Worked with product development, legal requirements and patient safety in health tech, digitalising healthcare in Sweden, Norway, UK and Czechia.

Reach out to talk about digital health, Leyr's positioning in the market and our vision.

Anton LytvynovskyiCPTO and Co-founder

MSc in AI. Tech and Business minds combined, 7+ years of experience as a Technical BA/PO, mainly specializing in finance, fintech and building unified integrations in Open Banking.

Reach out to talk about our product, integration process at Leyr and technology in general.

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