Endless possibilities

Medical Notes

Allow healthcare professionals to focus on providing care, by automating steps in EHR documentation.
Remove context switching
Allow professionals to work in a single interface.
Automate data transfer
Ensure full capture of relevant patient-provided data.
Auto-document relevant events from your application.

Let technology
support healthcare

Health care professionals no longer have to spend time creating documentation where technology can do it for them.
Save time
Reduce administrative burden for healthcare professionals.
Improve data quality and capture
Automate the transfer of relevant patient-reported data.
Increase quality of care
Create automated workflows for chronic care management and more.

Leyr gets you there

Unified Approach
You only have to integrate with Leyr once to write Medical Notes to multiple EHRs.
Leyr never stores any sensitive medical data. Protecting patient data is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our Leyr API.

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