Apr 23, 2024

A short recap of EHRs - what we have connected so far

Anton LytvynovskyiCTO and Co-Founder
Helena HolmaCEO and Co-Founder

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) play a pivotal role in shaping the future of patient care. At Leyr, we strive to support healthcare providers by offering seamless integrations with some of the most advanced EHR systems available. Let's take a closer look at the state of EHRs at Leyr and see how these innovative solutions are shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Acuity by Squarespace

Acuity is a scheduling system from Squarespace widely used in different fields, including dental care, to manage appointments and bookings efficiently. It automates scheduling processes by allowing clients to view real-time availability, self-book, reschedule, and make payments online, simplifying administrative tasks for professionals. It’s a great choice for integration if you’re looking for a wider set of customers, not limiting to dental clinic.

Anita Systems by Anita Systems

Anita Systems offers an advanced EHR solution for dental clinics, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing clinical workflows to enable efficient personalized care delivery. Integrate with Anita Systems and improve dental care efficiency.

EasyPractice by EasyPractice

EasyPractice is an online booking and management software tailored for healthcare providers and therapists, streamlining administrative tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and client communication. The platform offers secure client record management, appointment handling, and payment processing, making it ideal for clinics, individual practitioners, and wellness centers. Similar to Acuity, it’s a great pick for integration to cover a wider range of use-cases.

Epic by Epic

Epic’s globally recognized EHR system facilitates coordinated care delivery and improved patient outcomes across diverse healthcare settings, thanks to its comprehensive capabilities and seamless interoperability. Unify with Epic and enhance healthcare delivery.

Kaddio by Kaddio

Kaddio is a cloud-based clinic management software designed primarily for healthcare practitioners to streamline their daily operations, including appointment scheduling, patient record management, and billing. It is particularly popular among therapists and psychologists in Sweden, making it a perfect EHR to integrate with if you are operating in that field.

Millennium by Oracle Cerner

Millennium, a leading EHR system, provides real-time access to critical patient data and supports informed decision-making and coordinated care delivery across healthcare settings to enhance patient care. Integrate with Millennium and get real-time access to critical patient data.

Muntra by Muntra

The EHR Muntra simplifies dental care with its innovative digital platform, offering comprehensive tools including patient management and journaling to streamline workflows and prioritize quality care. Connect with Muntra for streamlined workflows and quality patient care.

Opus by Opus Dental

Opus is a leading Nordic dental EHR solution crafted over two decades, prioritizing simplicity and effectiveness in practice management with a comprehensive journal system and adaptable features tailored to practices of all sizes. Unify with Opus for efficiency in dental practice management.

Prorenata by Prorenata

Prorenata is an EHR system designed for educational health teams, offering seamless and secure management of student health records with user-friendly features and inclusive support services. Integrate with Prorenata for a seamless solution for managing student health records in educational settings.

TakeCare by CGM

The EHR TakeCare, tailored for Swedish healthcare, emphasizes patient well-being and collaborative communication with practical tools for care planning, real-time information exchange, and data analytics to simplify workflows and support quality care delivery. Connect with TakeCare and get collaborative tools for Swedish healthcare.

WebDoc by Carasent

WebDoc offers a customizable and seamless EHR experience, allowing users to select functionalities for their needs, and facilitating a frictionless patient experience in primary or specialty care, paramedicine, or corporate health. Unify with WebDoc for a personalized solution designed to meet your healthcare requirements.

Ready to enhance your healthcare practice? Discover the growing list of new EHRs all in one place with Leyr. Seamlessly connect with the tools to elevate patient care and streamline your workflows. Start your journey today!

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