Jun 20, 2023

Buy vs Build: Why Healthtech Companies Should Consider Leyr’s Integration Platform

Vikk LindenHead of Product Success
Helena HolmaCEO and Co-Founder

For healthtech companies, the challenge of building integrations with electronic health records (EHRs) is a common one. EHR integrations require a lot of time, effort, and resources from your technical and product teams, taking precious time away from developing your core product offering.

What if, instead of building all these integrations separately yourselves, you could build a single integration and get full market coverage? That’s what we offer at Leyr.

Leyr's integration platform offers several benefits over building multiple integrations from scratch. We make this possible through a one-and-done approach: you integrate with us once, and can use the same integration for as many EHRs you want.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Leyr's integration platform:

Focus on Your Product

Successful product companies focus on their product. Building integrations from scratch however, is a time-consuming and expensive process - and a diversion of focus. Building each integration is time-consuming, even if you've built integrations before. And you will need to build many of them, as different EHRs have their own APIs and documentation, which aren't always uniform.

By using Leyr's unified API instead, your teams can enjoy a single point integration and return to focus on making your product reach its full potential.

Faster Market Coverage

Let’s be clear: the market expects seamless data sharing, and for your company to grow, a single-point integration will not take you far. If your company wants to scale your business across multiple markets, you'll need integrations with several different EHRs to offer the same functionality and value.

As an alternative: Leyr provides a unified API, so you only need to integrate once with us and get access to the EHRs you're authorized to integrate with.

Cost Savings

Ever tried to estimate the cost of building an EHR integration? If not, here’s a clue: it is very high. Regardless if it’s an in-house team or a bunch of consultants brought in to save the day, it will take you quite a long time before that investment is paid off. And that is per integration.

For better return of investment, Leyr's volume-based pricing model means that you only pay for the integrations you use in production, when you use them. We don’t charge for development, avoiding a hefty upfront cost for healthtech companies and reducing barriers to setting up integrations.

Another upside: by avoiding building multiple similar-but-different integrations, you limit maintenance costs and technical debt by using a single-point integration to Leyr. So that your teams can spend those valuable resources on increasing the value of your core offering.


If you have built EHR integrations, you know how complicated it can be both technically and from a user and compliance perspective. By choosing Leyr as your integration partner, you can ensure faster results and higher quality because this is our area of expertise. We know how EHRs work.

Less administrative work

If you don’t feel super excited about the administrative obstacle course that often is required to go live with an EHR integration, we understand. We, on the other hand, are committed to ensure your time is not wasted. We’ll handle the relevant stakeholder dialogues so that not every single innovator has to. Healthcare needs more innovation, and we’re happy to lower the threshold by guiding healthtech companies through the process - we’ll involving your team only when needed.

Support & Maintenance

Integrations need maintenance, or they will break due to software updates. Leyr's service includes maintenance and serves as your first point of contact for support. Again - more focus on your core product.


At Leyr, we understand that building integrations can be a hassle, and we're here to help. Our integration platform enables healthtech companies to accelerate innovation and market expansion by focusing their limited resources on business development instead of hassling with EHR integrations.

If you're interested in Leyr's solution, check out our Sandbox or contact us!

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