Jan 2, 2024

Leyr facilitates enhanced healthcare accessibility in Norway through collaboration with

Lars Haakon, CEO and co-founder of, highlights the platform's achievement of reaching 2.4 million users by 2022. Now, is excited to partner with Leyr to make healthcare more accessible in Norway. Leyr has already played a crucial role in streamlining workflows, accelerating solution launches, and driving overall company progress.

Lars Haakon is the CEO and co-founder of, a digital platform in the healthcare industry. allows individuals to share reviews about their healthcare experiences, assisting others in finding the right treatment. With a small but dedicated team,'s main focus is to make it easier for people to find the right healthcare options in Norway. Since its launch in May 2012, has reached 2.4 million users by 2022.

Simplifying healthcare choices

"As a CEO, you have a lot on your plate when you're part of a small team. Fortunately, we recently received an investment that has enabled us to develop and access resources to improve and expand our platform," says Lars Haakon.

This commitment demonstrates their dedication to providing a high-quality service to their Norwegian users. Specifically, assists people in finding healthcare information and booking appointments, helps clinics gain more visibility, and allows advertisers to reach engaged users. It connects patients, enhances the reputation of healthcare providers, and makes healthcare choices easier for everyone.

A perfect fit with Leyr's solution

Lars Haakon shares the story of how the collaboration with Leyr came about.

"I was speaking with someone I know, and they mentioned Leyr. It quickly became clear to me that their solution was exactly what we needed."

Following this conversation, Lars Haakon reached out to Anton Lytvynovskyi, CPTO and co-founder of Leyr. While there were some initial discussions about contracts, Lars Haakon emphasizes that they quickly reached a favorable agreement, and their collaboration has been smooth from the start.

Lars Haakon is impressed with the speed of Leyr's responses and how easy it is to work with them. Leyr has been a significant help and has simplified processes for, offering three major benefits.

"Firstly, Leyr has helped us reduce the time it takes to launch new solutions. Their responsible approach has also facilitated integration with journal systems and accelerated our progress as a company."

A crucial technical element for progress sees Leyr as a long-term partner and considers their solution a "crucial technical element" that seamlessly meets their needs. Lars Haakon mentions that Leyr has relieved them of a significant workload, a process that would have taken them a long time to handle on their own. With Leyr taking on this burden, the team can focus on advancing their company more rapidly.

In conclusion, Lars Haakon highly recommends Leyr as a reliable and competent partner for other companies in the healthcare industry.

"It's a fantastic company with highly skilled individuals. They have clear communication and the ability to deliver what is necessary for our long-term success. At, we are excited to continue working with Leyr to enhance our platform and help people find the right healthcare options in Norway," Lars Haakon concludes.

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